Be Fit And Active

Our health does not stay the same all the time. There may be ups and downs like anything in life and we need to be prepared for such. In the meantime, we should also work towards maintaining a healthy body to lead a quality life. 

In order to lead a quality life, you need to do exercising in the form of physical training and other Wollongong fitness regimens, so that you can ensure you are doing your part towards it. A membership in the local gym will be a great idea to start with.Motivation is a key factor when doing things such as physical training and exercises. Something should call you towards it and you should be able to take yourself towards it every time. A routine should be built up according to your situation and condition. Your trainer will be able to assist you and guide you on this regard.

Children should also be motivated and encouraged to go for training suitable for their age. Doing this at a very early stage will definitely benefit them much during adulthood. So as parents, we should start this and implement it on them. It would be a good idea to even go as a family, since it is a beneficial deed for all. Kids fitness classes are usually held during weekends so that these don’t clash with their primary education. However you can speak to the relevant gym and discuss about the options you have got. It is possible to customize classes accordingly to fit your child’s schedule.During the holiday season, your children may have classes during the weekdays. You can also opt whether you need to join a group or have individual training. Each method has its own pros and cons, but most of the instructor are usually skilled enough to handle multiple students per group, so that extra cost for an individual class would be saved. Individual attention will be paid to you anyhow, so you don’t have to worry about it.Gym memberships give great offers in the form of waive offs and extra classes every now and then. You can also walk into the place and use their equipment as per the given instructions. Some places also allow you to use other sporting facilities which are available and that maybe for a very reasonable amount or even for free on a particular frequency. You can greatly benefit from all of these and also maintain a good health all throughout your life along with your family members.

A Guide To Dance – The Irish Way!

Irish dance is a type of dance that originated from Ireland. This routine can be performed either individually or as a group for various purposes such as entertainment or competitions. The French quadrilles and the country dancing of the English during the 18th and 19th centuries inspired this routine. This cultural dance is one of the most highlighted things in the Irish culture, which lead to the Step dance becoming famous in 1994. There are many things that must be remembered when you want to sway your body to the music. Here are a few tips to help you get through the Irish dance classes you have been excited to take.

Your feet

Keep the feet turned outwards from the start to the finish. Usually a dancer who has bad skills tends to keep the feet placed straight or inward. By using the diamond method, stand in front of a mirror and keep your feet turned outwards; you should be able to see a diamond shape made between the spaces of the ankles and legs.

The arms and back

One of the most important things that must be remembered when taking dance classes Gungahlin is posture. The correct posture for this type of dance can be created by keeping your arms straight and behind the back throughout the entire dance.

The toes

Every time when you lift yourself off your feet into the air, ensure that your feet are pointed. It might sound easy to do, but it takes a little bit more concentration to get right. Stay as high as you can on your toes.

The knees

Another difficult technique that needs to be mastered is keeping the knees crossed in front of each other during the entire performance. The legs continue to switch constantly and when this is done the knees must be very close. Think of the phrase “kissing knees” when trying to perfect this technique.

The shoulders

Keep the shoulders held back which will also support the required posture. If you hunch during the performance, the outlook of the entire dance will be ruined.

The head and the eyes

Head up and keep your eyes straight ahead. You might find it difficult with all the footwork to keep your eyes looking forward, but once you pick up the moves look at the audience and smile.

Your imagination

With every step you take, imagine that you are dancing on a tightrope and that you need to stay on the robe and keep the balance.


Don’t remain in one position as your execute the moves. Own the stage and show people how confident and comfortable you are when dancing these technical moves. You have to make it look easy to your audience.

Don’t forget that as much as technique is important, you must have fun, let go and dance away!